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C F - Lubbock, TXDecember 07, 2020

We called and requested disinfecting services for our office due to a few of our employees recently contracting the Covid virus. We received professional guidance, an explanation of their services offered and prompt scheduling. Two days after our call, their service techs were on-site and took care of us. I highly recommend using Germinator for any and all of your concerns. I will definitely be utilizing them on a regular basis.

Brendan C - Lubbock, TXDecember 03, 2020

Top notch service.

Teresa B - Lubbock, TXJuly 02, 2020

Very professional!! They made me feel very comfortable, and clean so I could go back to my home. They even did my car!! I would highly recommend Germinator by J Ferg Pros for any home or business!!

Matt O - Lubbock, TXJune 30, 2020

After being exposed, becoming sick, and recovering from COVID-19, having the assurance that my home has been thoroughly disinfected is beyond words. Germinator, represented by these two men, was early upon arrival, met me with a smile, and patiently waited for me while I searched for my Houdini-like cat to bring out to the car with me while they serviced my home.

Germinator made my sanitization easy and completely stress-free. After a quick phone call where they asked for an address, name, and square footage, I was given a quote and made an appointment. There was no preparation for my home required. It didn't matter if I cleaned (which I did 🙄) or not, if there were germs in that house, they all met their sweet, bitter end. Using an ATP meter, the men proficiently tested every surface of my house for cellular activity. Sure enough, my TV remote in my bedroom and refrigerator handle were my two 'hot spot' surfaces (my saving graces during my sickness). Using a fast-drying, fresh and clean-smelling, sanitizing spray, Germinator effectively helped eliminate every germ from my house in 15 minutes. To check their quality, I watched as the technicians used the ATP Meter to check all of my surfaces. If an area still showed even a glimmer of a build-up of viruses/bacteria, they directly cleaned the surface themselves.

I don't usually ever write reviews because who has time for that 😅 , but I just had to for Germinator and their service. As icing on the cake, I was worried this would hit my broke-college-boy bank account pretty hard, but this broke college boy approves. Definitely recommend Germinator for the cheap peace-of-mind that saved me hours of sanitizing everything by hand.

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