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Memorial Day, Remember and Honor
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Today, celebrate Memorial Day by taking a minute of silence to acknowledge the sacrifice of all those who served in the military. Thank you, we honor you and will never forget you. 🇺🇸

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People are back to visiting your hotel! But how many guests still have concerns in the back of their minds about germs brought by previous guests or the common areas where they're spending their time? We can help your guests feel relaxed and safe knowing they're in a Germinator Safe Zone.

Wouldn't that be a nice edge over the competition? Offer guests true peace of mind! Click the link in bio to know how you can turn your hotel into a Germinator Safe Zone—you'll be fully booked in no time!

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Over the winter, health officials were concerned that COVID-19 variants would rapidly spread across the state. As reported by The Texas Tribune, variants are a worrying phenomenon as they may spread more easily and can cause more serious illnesses. But despite new variant cases on the rise, case averages, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to decline in Texas as more than 25% of Texans are fully vaccinated. For more information, click the #LinkInBio

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There's no time like now to reclaim the spaces and places where we work, live, and play—in a way that doesn't put our children 🧒👧, elders 👵🧓, and loved ones 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 at risk of harsh chemicals and only uses the highest quality and most advanced products and equipment.

We have to get back to living, but do so the right way so we can proactively build a more hygienic future. Germinator has been in the disinfection space for years prior to the COVID pandemic, and with the help of our scientific advisory board 🔬, we now provide 360-degree protection for Air, Body, and Surfaces with Germinator Safe Zones.

Life stood still for a moment, but for others, it never stopped, so if we're going to disinfect, let's do it the right way—together 🤝. You can create your own Germinator Safe Zone, or we can create it for you - We just want to educate on what is the right way to do things.

Want more information? Call 855-546-3563 to design your very own Safe Zone for the spaces and places you live, work, and play in.

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On April 19th, @tamu released an article reporting that a new COVID-19 variant was found at the University's Global Health Research Complex (GHRC). The new BV-1 variant seems to be related to the United Kingdom (UK) strain and, according to GHRC Chief Virologist Ben Neuman "combines genetic markers separately associated with rapid spread, severe disease and high resistance to neutralizing antibodies". Read the complete article at the link in bio.

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Ammonia is commonly found in multipurpose cleaners and can be irritable to the skin, eyes, and lungs. If combined with bleach, it can create a toxic chlorine gas that can produce headaches, seizures, and other issues—yikes😵!

So let us handle the disinfecting with our HOCl solution, which contains no harsh chemicals or fumes, and doesn't leave harmful residues after it evaporates.

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✨Exciting News!✨ Germinator simplifies branding with help from PUSH 22 and aims to better educate consumers with new Safe Zone campaign.

Germinator and its Safe Zone will provide unique, 360-degree surface, air, and body protection for the spaces where we work, live, and play.

Germinator has also connected with SafeAccess App, a risk management solution suite, which allows enterprises, schools/academia, and event organizers to easily create and maintain health and safety policies and procedures, contact tracing, testing, digital health passports, AI-based cough signature detection, etc. These new initiatives, when coupled with the company's patent-pending sanitizing and disinfecting service, create Germinator Safe Zones that provide advanced protection for surfaces, air and you.

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Electrostatic Cleaning
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Disinfecting and sanitizing is so much more than just spraying alcohol solution or bleach and wiping it away with a cloth. At Germinator, we use hypochlorous acid (HOCl). It's derived from naturally occurring minerals and not only does it eliminate odors at their source, but it kills a wide range of bacteria and is on the EPA N List of products determined for use against SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

HOCl is applied by using an electrostatic sprayer, which electrically sticks the solution across the surface evenly for complete coverage effectively and efficiently. All of that without any use of harmful toxins. But that's not all! To read more about our patent-pending process, head over to our website and schedule a free quote today!

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For the first time in months, Texas is setting records in COVID-19 related statistics by hitting low numbers in cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and other categories related to the virus. As stated by the @wfaa article, Texas health officials announced fewer than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, for the first time since early June of 2020. Make sure you click the link in bio to learn more.

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The pandemic has reminded us that manufacturing facilities not only play a crucial part in our everyday lives but also in the global economy. We understand the importance of creating a cleaner and more hygienic environment and that's why Germinator has developed a patent-pending process that provides a new generation of microbial protection for manufacturing facilities of all sizes. To learn more about our process, click the #LinkInBio.

#COVID #Disinfect #Facilities #GerminatorTexas #Hygienic #LiveProtected #Manufacturing #Pandemic #Sanitize #Texas
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Did you know smartphones can have more germs on them than a toilet seat? Just because a surface looks clean, it doesn't mean it's germ-free. The same goes for your home. With Germinator, you won't need to worry about the invisible enemies that are blind to the naked eye. Not only will we help rid your space of germs, but we'll make your home look and smell clean too!

#Clean #Disinfecting #GerminatorTexas #Germs #LiveProtected #Sanitizing #Smartphones
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Germinator's HOCl solution contains no harsh chemicals or fumes. It's gentle enough for use in homes and is on the EPA N List of products determined to meet the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2—the virus that causes COVID-19. It's strong enough to disinfect and help reduce viruses and bacteria within your home and leaves no sticky residues behind. So you and your family can renter soon after service.

#Disinfecting #GerminatorTexas #Germs #LiveProtected #Sanitizing #Viruses
According to The @texas_tribune, at least four in-person conferences were canceled soon after Texas stopped enforcing its statewide mask mandate. Despite the drop in COVID-19 hospitalizations, many authorities agree that it's too soon to lift the mask rule, arguing that the risks will result in business losses and a potential setback in terms of public health. To read more, click the link in bio.

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One germ can multiply into more than 8 million germs in just one day. Don't take a chance on unwanted germs, bacteria and viruses making their way into your home or business. Germinator's HOCl solution kills a wide range of bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous, environmental surfaces. It's also on the EPA's N List of products determined to meet the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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Give your facility the next level of protection
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Medical facilities can be a breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bacteria. Keeping patients and staff in a cleaner and more hygienic environment requires expert sanitizing and disinfecting. Our patent-pending process provides a new generation of microbial protection for medical facilities and other healthcare settings. In fact, our disinfectant solution is on the EPA N List of products determined to meet the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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#DidYouKnow the chemicals in everyday cleaning products can spread through every organ of the body within 26 seconds of exposure?

#Chemicals #CleaningProducts #Disinfecting #GerminatorTexas #Sanitizing
It wasn't too long ago when the superstorm hit Texas, and experts say the aftereffects could be worrisome. A @nytimes article reports that the storm could lead to an increase in coronavirus cases as hundreds of people were forced to huddle together in their homes, cars or shelters. For more information, make sure to head over to the NYT at the link in bio.

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #NYTimes #Pandemic #Texas #TexasStorm
Germinator Provided by J Ferg Pros is proud to announce that we have been awarded a vendor contract with the Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA).🎉 The PCA is a national purchasing cooperative that's active in all 50 states, the U.S. Territories, Canada and Mexico. Its mission is to provide innovative, best-value contracts, employ the highest ethical standards in public procurement and provide time and money savings for its members and awarded contractors. The contract allows us to perform work for PCA Members across the nation, including educational institutions, government agencies, Indian tribal governments, hospitals, law enforcement and non-profits. Click the link in bio to learn more✨

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As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to drop across the country, Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he's lifting the Texas statewide mask mandate and allowing businesses of any type to reopen to 100% capacity starting March 10th despite health officials warning easing restrictions could lead to another surge. To read more on the @cnn article, make sure to click the link in bio.

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Worry-free solutions and services
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We provide worry-free sanitizing and disinfecting solutions because our HOCl solution doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or fumes. We're 100% focused and committed to our services so much so that we verify our work with you using ATP monitors and provide the education to make our services last.

#ATP #ATPMonitors #Chemicals #Disinfecting #GerminatorTexas #Sanitizing
Germinator's HOCl solution has no harsh chemicals and is strong enough to disinfect and kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses within your home or business. So, everyone can re-enter shortly after service. To learn more about it, click the link in bio.

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#DidYouKnow that your children's toys may be hotspots for hidden bacteria? Cleaning those toys doesn't have to be difficult. We can help you keep your kid's favorites sanitized and disinfected with our EPA-registered HOCl disinfectant solution. Call Germinator Today!

#Bacteria #Disinfectant #GerminatorTexas #HOCl #Kids #Sanitize #Toys
A library is a place where you open a book to open your mind. It's a place to feel peace and let your mind wander into a good book without worry.

Here at Germinator, we understand the importance of creating a cleaner and more hygienic environment so those who work at or visit libraries can have greater peace of mind. That's why Germinator has developed a patent-pending process that provides a new generation of microbial protection for any library. Learn more about our library sanitizing and disinfecting services at the link in bio.

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A @kxan_news article states that of the 400,000 coronavirus vaccines Texas received from the federal government, about 35,000 were distributed to health care providers in Central Texas. Austin Public Health will continue to get its weekly 12,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine, and Dell Medical School is expected to receive 1,950 doses from Pfizer and 1,000 from Moderna, respectively. If you would like to read more, make sure you head over to the article by clicking the link in bio.

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We know the idea behind a welcome mat is to keep the dirt out of the house. But #DidYouKnow that walking on them can bring unwanted guests into your home like germs and bacteria? It's important that you wash them regularly to prevent those unwanted guests.

#Bacteria #Dirty #GerminatorTexas #Germs #House
Face shields are very good protection for the wearer. The only problem is, when used without the added protection of a mask, it allows for droplets to escape through the sides and bottom. These droplets can potentially contain viruses and germs. This is why face shields are not as good at protecting others, as well as the wearer, as masks are. Ideally, you should wear both a mask and a face shield. And if you are seeking perfection, add Germinator's services. We have our very own shield. #Linkinbio

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Germinator Does It All
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Whether you are spraying small to midsize spaces like vehicles and homes or you're spraying larger spaces, such as stadiums and concert venues, no disinfecting job is too big or too small for the Germinator 😎.

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It's easy to shrug off germs since they aren't visible to the naked eye. 👁🔎🦠 Out of sight, out of mind— we get it. 🤷

And that's when we need to be at the top of our game. 🧼🧽🎯

With our new generation of microbial protection, Germinator can help provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Whether It's in the comfort of your own home or at your place of work, our patent-pending process provides the perfect solution to help protect your environment.

#LiveProtected with Germinator.

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MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. MRSA is a type of bacteria that has shown itself to be resistant to many antibiotics. It can be found in many settings and can cause a range of health problems, which include skin infections and pneumonia, and if it isn't treated quickly, it can become severe and cause sepsis. Click the link in bio to learn what disinfectant can kill it.

#Antibacterial #Bacteria #Disinfectant #Germinator #Health #Infections #LiveProtected #MRSA #Pneumonia
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#DidYouKnow that Germinator's HOCl disinfection solution is EPA registered to aid in the reduction of cross-contamination between treated surfaces? Nobody wants Olympic jumping germs, viruses and bacteria to hop from surface to surface on areas meant to be hygienic 😉.

#Bacteria #Disinfection #EPA #Germs #HOCl #Hygienic #Viruses
Sanitizing and disinfecting your spaces should always be a priority, even during post-COVID times. But do you know what chemicals are in the products you're using? You should!

Many people don't really know just how many side effects certain products can have on their health and wellbeing. That's why our HOCl solution contains NO HARSH CHEMICALS OR FUMES. It's derived from naturally occurring minerals and can even be used on children's toys or any item stress-free. To learn more, click the link in bio.

#Chemicals #Disinfecting #Germinator #HOCl #Sanitizing
Don't wait until it's too late! Germinator can help you protect surfaces against the threat of harmful microbes. Using our patent-pending process, everyone can have greater peace of mind. Learn more about us by clicking the link in bio.

#Disinfecting #GerminatorTexas #LiveProtected #Sanitizing #Texas
According to a recent article published by @nbcdfw, no additional COVID-19 restrictions can be put in place in Texas since the area has reached the maximum amount allowable under Governor Abbott's executive orders. Doctors are recommending that locals continue to practice safety protocols, even if they aren't legally mandated, as the number of cases continue to rise. To learn more about the story, click the link in bio.

#COVID19 #CovidCases #NBCDFW #SafetyProtocols #Texas
For years, @hubcityvetlbk has gone the extra mile to offer the best veterinary services. With the help of Germinator Lubbock, they've ensured the best antimicrobial protection their facility to bring greater peace of mind to pet owners and staff. Click the link in bio to learn more on how we helped them out.

#Disinfecting #HubCityVet #Lubbock #PetOwners #Pets #Sanitizing #Texas #Vet
Lean in for a Closer Look, Can You See it? We Can't Either!
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Fight the Invisible Enemy Tip #1:

Protect your home from viruses and bacteria by letting us disinfect "high-touch" surfaces while testing the levels of microbial activity on them with ATP testing. Germinator targets doorknobs, countertops, light switches, faucet handles, kitchen counters, and all the high-touch areas that are commonly overlooked when disinfecting. We'll then retest your surfaces to ensure we got those microbial levels to a hospital-grade level of clean 😉.

#ATPTesting #Bacteria #Disinfecting #GerminatorTexas #InvisibleEnemy #Sanitizing #Viruses
The best cookie shop in town called us to make sure their surfaces were free from the threat of germs, viruses, and bacteria. They wanted to help bring their customers and staff greater peace of mind with the best sanitizing and disinfecting service in town! Read all about it by clicking the link in bio. @crumblcookies

#Bacteria #CookieShop #CrumblCookies #Disinfecting #Germs #Sanitizing #Viruses
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With the revival of the economy, restaurant owners are considering the risks they can face and the measures they need to take when reopening their doors. Therefore, sanitizing and disinfecting their surfaces is a priority to help keep a cleaner and more hygienic environment not only for their customers but also for their employees.

#Disinfecting #Germinator #Hygienic #LiveProtected #Restaurants #Sanitizing
Save Your Energy and Let Us Get to Work
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When was the last time you disinfected your light switches, door handles and every other surface in your home? Put it in the back of your mind and let us get to work. We'll sanitize and disinfect every inch of your home with solutions that help protect your surfaces long after a day of service, and then we'll verify our work to ensure your surfaces are at optimal hygienic levels.

#Disinfecting #Home #Hygienic #LiveProtected #Sanitizing
Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are all different. Those terms, and in particular sanitizing and disinfecting, are often used interchangeably. While cleaning regularly is important, it has nothing to do with making sure surfaces are sanitized and disinfected. Likewise, sanitizing and disinfecting are ineffective without cleaning. Click on the link in our bio to know the difference.

#Cleaning #Disinfecting #KnowTheDifference #Sanitizing #Surfaces
The best sanitizing and disinfecting service at your fingertips. Call Germinator at (855) 546-3563 or click the link in bio to contact us. We are available 24/7 for your convenience. Call now!

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We hope 2021 is the year you see your dreams come true, your work rewarded, and your happiness shared. Happy New Year from Germinator provided by J Ferg Pros!🎆

#2021 #Dreams #HappyNewYear #Hope #NewYear
There is no doubt that Christmas looked a bit different this year. For kids in central Texas, they got to meet Santa on Zoom when he made his stop at virtual classrooms throughout the area 🎅🎄. Read all about it by clicking the link in bio. @kxan_news

#Christmas #HappyHolidays #Holidays #KXANNews #Santa #Texas
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Having a strong immune system is important to protect yourself from any virus or disease. It can reduce the probabilities of contagions and ensure the viruses you do catch have a lighter impact on your body. Boosting your immune system is all about vitamins and nutrients. Here are the most vital ones and the foods you have to include in your diet or eat more of to get them.

#Diet #FluSeason #Foods #ImmuneSystem #InstaFood #Virus #Vitamins #Wellness
What a year 😄! We can't believe it's already Christmas 🎄. Although things are a bit different this year, it's always a good time to show appreciation and gratitude for all, especially your business, clients and staff. We are extremely happy to serve our community and help others #LiveProtected. At Germinator provided by J Ferg Pros, we understand that our work is more than just a job, and we know what it takes to build something that lasts. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and community by providing them with the highest quality customer service.

Thank you for trusting us with your sanitizing and disinfecting needs. It's been wonderful working with all of you. Have an amazing CHRISTMAS and a happy holiday season. 🎅

#Christmas2020 #HappyHolidays #HolidaySeason #Holidays #MerryChristmas
Imagine the competitive edge you'd have if you offer your guests the best in hotel sanitizing and disinfecting while the hotel next door does not. A good business knows the importance of cleanliness and hygiene—especially now. Hotels, for example, need to exceed their guests' expectations and have an edge over the competition.

Germinator's Genesis HOCl solution is an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant. As a result, this treatment will eliminate bacteria and viruses that may reside in your hotel without the use of harsh chemicals or fumes. Now, that's an edge. 😉

Set the new standard in the hospitality industry and provide your guests true peace of mind with our patent-pending process. We test, disinfect, apply a bacteriostatic finish and re-test to validate our work. Call us at (855) 546-3563 or click here to find out more:

#Bacteria #Disinfecting #HOCl #Hotels #Sanitizing #Texas #Viruses
How is the air quality in home?
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Don't you hate the smell of harmful disinfecting chemicals? No need to worry because our HOCl solution uses a VOC free formula and contains no harsh chemicals or fumes. Breathe easy with Germinator's HOCl disinfection solution.

#Chemicals #Disinfecting #GerminatorTexas #HOCl #LiveProtected #Sanitizing
Hardin-Simmons University is making their staff and students a priority, going above and beyond with measures that will ensure a hygienic environment without having to worry about the threat of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Link in bio to read more.

#Bacteria #Disinfecting #Germs #Sanitizing #Students #Texas #University #Viruses
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Viruses don't have cells. A single virus particle is called a virion. Virions are made of genes (RNA or DNA) inside a protein shell called a capsid.

#Cells #DNA #Facts #Genes #Science #TheMoreYouKnow #Virus #Viruses
15 seconds is all it takes to know if your #surfaces are safe from #microbialactivity.

Wouldn't you want to know if yours are?

Germinator provides ATP testing before and after service. We first test your surfaces to determine the level of microbial activity and cleanliness and then retest after applying our disinfection and protection solutions to ensure we achieved the intended results.

To learn about what ATP means for you and your family or employees and customers, and what we can accomplish with our services, click the link in bio.

#ATP #Disinfecting #GerminatorTexas #MicrobialActivity #Sanitizing #Surfaces
The Shield will help you win the fight against mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria by creating an invisible barrier that inhibits their growth and promotes freshness for up to 3 months. Learn all about our durable bacteriostatic finish, Shield solution.

Link in bio.

#Bacteria #Disinfecting #GerminatorPhoenix #Mildew #Mold #Sanitizing
Did you know what's inside a firefly's glow can tell us the amount of cellular activity on a surface? This is due to ATP which is also the first step of our patent-pending process. Learn all about it by clicking the link in bio.

#ATP #Bacteria #Disinfect #Germinator #Germs #Hygiene #Process #Sanitize #Surface #Viruses
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